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The internet’s best fringe electronic music show comes to The Brunswick in Brighton Saturday 9th March 2024.


More Kicks Than Friends started during the 2020 lockdown on Ned Rush’s YouTube channel. It was intended to be a one off show to keep musicians and artists busy whilst stuck at home, but quickly grew a cult following, and ended up running for 20 weeks, gathering hundreds of artists from all over the world showcasing a diverse array of performance based electronic music and visual art. The show continues seasonally to this day, with a recent event lasting a whole weekend with 50 acts raising money for charity.


Now the show is hitting venues and will feature cutting edge audio/visual performances by producers from across the UK, exploring vast arrays of electronic music. More Kicks Than Friends is a celebration of cutting edge audio/visual performances, eclectic electronic music, with a playful irreverent sense of fun, guaranteed to satisfy the cerebral listener and hardcore raver.

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